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Dior RTW SS16 - 360 VR Video

#NOWFASHION360: THE FUTURE OF FASHION SHOWS'THE DIOR RTW SS16 SHOW'--> http://nwf.sh/1LvdyYiNOWFASHION is the first online magazine to publish photos in real time and today, in a thrive of innovation, we are thrilled to now be the first in the fashion industry to bring to you the 360° runway videos. Enter the Virtual Reality experience of the Dior #RTW #SS16 #fashion show!Produced by Nowfashion.com#VR #VirtualReality #gearVR #Oculus #Dior

Posted by Nowfashion.com on Domenica 22 novembre 2015

Coca Cola 360° Tour

Red Bull F1 Experience

Waiting For Love VR

Holiday Tour at White House

Audi A4 VR

Mammut climbing experience


Experience the most famous routes of the world in a 360° view.

Interactive climbs are now possible for the first time in the history of alpinism.


Experienced alpinists who don't shy away from extreme challenges. An innovative 360° camera equipment. The result: An interactive mountain experience unlike any other.


360 videos are a new features that improves day by day. At the moment you can fully experience 360 videos on Safari, Firefox, YouTube, Facebook or several specific App.


You’ll be able to experience 360-degree videos alongside posts from your friends in Facebook’s News Feed. Users can explore the videos by dragging their cursors within videos on the desktop or by physically tilting their phones while watching on mobile. Each video is a few minutes long and give users a completely spherical—that is, 360-degree—way to explore sand dunes, the ocean, or, say, a galaxy far, far away. (wired.com)

Google  ADV

Google unveiled being able to support the feature, and has very recently seen the first takers from Bud Light & Coca-Cola with exceptionally high-production value.

JR Futrell, YouTube’s Ad product manager, remarked the new 360-degree format as a “mobile-first” initiative for two reasons:

Motion – 360 ads will move with the mobile device, allowing you to view the video through a virtual lens.
Mobile Is Dominating – In ten countries around the world, mobile searches have now surpassed that of desktop use, inspiring innovations to keep viewers watching advertisements longer.

When looking at how revenue is earned on YouTube in the first place, engagement is the most important aspect. It’s always been rumored that the more views you have, the more you make, but even videos with 1 million views could earn nothing unless viewers engage with the advertisement.

That’s why in the ever-changing world of video YouTube has taken the concept of viewer engagement to an entire new dimension: The World of 360 Motion.


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